Russ's knife Sharpening


Russ is continuing to do his exceptional knife sharpening.

Starting March 1st, 2018 you can drop your knives off at Jostmar Jewelers in South Coast Plaza. Questions call 714-939-1506

Jostmar Jewelers Location

Jostmar Jewelers is located on the first level Sears wing of South Coast Plaza. They do jewelry and watch repair as well as engraving and are located behind the stores down the hallway near Foot Locker. The sign will say Jostmar Jewelers, Rest Rooms, down the hall and to the left. almost under our old location in South Coast Plaza.

Time frame

Russ will be picking up and dropping off twice a week. He will not be doing any while you wait sharpening at this location. Mondays and Fridays are his drop off and pick up days.


Call for pricing. Kitchen is about $1.50  an inch and Sport is about $2.50 an inch. Minimum is $5 on kitchen  knives and Sport  knives is $10. Anything unusual or overly thick will run more.  Remember Russ is the best and will not ruin your knives!


You can bring your knives or Russ will come to you!

If there is a large amount of knives, 20 to 30 Russ is open to coming to your location and sharpening. 

To contact Russ call 714-939-1506 Leave a message and he will call you back.

Again cash is how you will need to pay.

Russ's bio

Russ started sharpening knives in the late 70's. He takes his time and does not burn the blades. He also uses a belt sander as they do in the factories, hand finishing on a steel. He does not use the "MORON MACHINE" as used by most gourmet shops. 

It is all done free hand so he can change the angle on the blade if needed but tries to maintain what is there. A standard non-buffed edge last the longest and this is the edge he puts on most knives. Shun and knives with a buffed edge that feel like a razor edge he can do also, just ask.

Straight razors are done by hand and do take longer so the cost is more. Starting price is $30 and they go up to $45. 

He can also do reed knives also, contact him for pricing as he does a fair amount for the preforming arts members.

Food processor blades and other unusual items contact him first.