Randall Special Orders


Have you ever wanted the perfect Randall knife?

I know we always look at Randall's and wish they may have made a few changes. Now you can order that knife! 

How long does it take?

We get 20 knives three times a year from Randall. March, July and November. They can ship earlier or later so I do not have an exact time frame! To be honest I do not think they know, they are ready when they are ready. Once the knife comes in you will have 2 weeks to pay for it and have it shipped off. If you are traveling, just let me know and will hold it it a little longer. If you take to long I will resell it and you lose your deposit. I want long term relations. Communicate is all I ask!

What can I order?

You can order any model and you can make 5 modifications. Stainless steel is one change, handle shape, handle material, Bolster, butt cap,  materiel and shape as well as spacers and lanyard hole if not standard.

What is the cost?

I will be selling Randall's at Randall pricing plus a few dollars each to cover their shipping from Florida to me. A special order will cost you an additional $50 and I will need a 50% non-refundable deposit.

The $50 enables me to take Pam to dinner!